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The children of Earle Denewood and Etta (Bishop) Fleharty

1. Dr. Vernon.(10) Bishop Fleharty was born 28 Jan 1904 northeast of Hastings. Adams Co., Nebr. and died 7 Mar 1956 in Hastings with burial in Parkview Cemetery. He married (Eva) Winifred Tucker 7 Aug 1927 at her parents home near Stockham, Hamilton Co., Nebr. Her parents were Francis "Frank W. Tucker, born 31 Jan 1878 in England and Elizabeth (Shannon) Tucker born 21 Mar 1880 in England. The story is that Frank and Elizabeth were not married until he bought a farm and she, in this purchase, would become the heiress. Their marriage was believed to have been at Beatrice or Fairbury, Nebr. Vernon and Winifred had six children, all sons.

Vernon attended an eight-grade country school, Dist. #80, which was located one mile west across the section from where his home was situated. He continued schooling through grades nine to twelve at Trumbull Consolidated High School. It was five miles north of his home and reached primarily by saddle horse, although he might use a horse and buggy if he chose. Arrangements were made to house the horse during school hours in a small barn near the school. He was a strong clean young man fitting his parents ideals. He played basketball as center on a team that won the State Championship at Lincoln, Nebr. He completed high school in 1921.

It was his ambition, supported by his parents, that he would secure a college degree. But for lack of money it was impossible for him to attend immediately. Records indicate that he did take some course works, possibly by extension, from Wesleyan College at Havelock, which is today a part of Lincoln, Nebr. Finally in January 1925 he matriculated in Hastings College where by enrolling in both regular and summer terms he was issued a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in the Spring of 1928. It was here in college that he became acquainted with Winifred Tucker. Prior to marriage he went to the President of the College to ask whether he and Winifred might marry while they were in college. Of course it was all right. In addition to studies, part of his time was taken to earn money to pay expenses. His work during the final two years was as the Hastings manager of sales and delivery of the Omaha Bee newspaper, which later became the World-Herald.

Vernon and Winifred then left for Iowa City where he entered the University of Iowa Graduate School. Three years of regular and summer terms provided him with a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry in the late summer of 1931. He applied for and was accepted to instruct in Chemistry at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pa. beginning that Fall . But other events were occurring.

In the night preceding the day that he was to take his examination for his Doctor's degree Winifred presented him with similar twin boys--Harold on 6 Aug 1931 and Gerald on 7 Aug 1931. He passed his examination. The baby boys accompanied their parents to Beaver Falls. A third son, Eugene, was born to the family in 1934. In 1936 Vernon arranged to teach chemistry at Hastings College during the Summer term and then to report in for employment at the Case Institute at Cleveland, Ohio. When he was to depart for Cleveland he was offered a Professor in Chemistry position at Hastings College. He accepted and one year later the Head of the Department retired to be replaced by Vernon.

This was his work until his death. About 1953 he went to the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minn. Surgeons removed a large amount from a large cancer that was in his body. There was no promise that it would not regrow. In 1955 it had returned. He worked at the college most of the time with Winifred giving him increasing care. But before Christmas intense pain forced a transfer by ambulance to the hospital. Vernon was not to return. The cancer was growing steadily and was drawing all flesh from the bones. It was filling his body when his strong heart failed 7 Mar 1956. He had said that "Some day there will be a cure for cancer, but it will be too late for me."

Winifred capably continued the rearing of the sons until they were on their own. However, health problems were developing, partly arthritic in nature, and she was forced to enter a nursing home at Kenesaw, Nebr. 26 Feb 1988, where she is at the time of this writing (Dec 1993).

The children of Vernon and Winifred (Tucker) Fleharty

1-1 Harold(11) Max Fleharty, a twin, was born 6 Aug 1931 in Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa. He married Elfriede "Elfi" Feyrer 31 Dec 1954 at Erding, Bavaria, Germany. Erding is a short distance northeast of Munich. She was born 26 Apr 1935 at Wettern, Czechoslavakia. Her parents were Heinrich and Anna (Kromlinger) Feyrer. Harold and Elfi had two boys and one girl.

When Harold and his brother were three weeks old his parents moved to Beaver Falls, Pa. Five years later they moved to Hastings, Nebr. Harold attended grade and high schools here, graduating in 1949. He continued at Hastings College two years before joining the Air Force 15 Sep 1951. Following training he was sent to the United Air Force at Erding, Germany. He returned to the Manhattan Air Force Station, New York City for discharge 27 Oct 1955 and in Nov 1955 Harold, Elfriede and their first child, Glen, arrived at Hastings. It was back to college in Jan 1956. Judge Bohlke provided a farm house for the family with an agreement whereby Harold attended school in the forenoon and worked the remainder of the day and weekends on the Judges extensive acres. In 1965 the family moved to town and Harold took employment with the Hastings Seed Co., which involved travel to establish contracts in western Kansas and eastern Colorado to produce hybrid sorghum seed. In l968 he began work with Midwest Communications in sales and service of radio equipment. In Feb 1973 he established his own business "Commercial Electronics, Inc.", a corporation providing sales and service of radio equipment. This is his occupation at this writing, Dec 1993.

The children of Harold and Elfriede (Freyrer) Fleharty:

1-1-1 Glen(12) Earl Fleharty was born 23 Jun 1955 at Fuerstenfeldbruck. Germany. He married Joni Rae Zahn 13 Sep 1980 at Landa, Bottineau Co., North Dakota. She was born 4 Nov 1959 at Cut Bank, Glacier Co., Mont. Her parents were Merle and Eunice Zahn. She was graduated from West Hope High School, West Hope, N. D. in 1978. West Hope is north and slightly east of Minot, near the Canadian border. Glen and Joni had three sons:

1. Bryce Allen Fleharty was born 31 Jul 1981 in North Dakota.

2. Brooks Michael Fleharty was born 6 Sep 1982-North Dakota.

3. Brandon Scott Fleharty was born 19 Dec 1985 at Geneva, Fillmore Co., Ne.

Glen was graduated from Hastings High School, Adams Co., Nebr. in 1973. He than attended the University of Colorado Springs, 1974-1979, securing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies- with major study in Meteorology, Geology and Chemistry. The last two years in the university he also worked as a civilian at Peterson Air Force Base at Colorado Springs researching in weather forecasting by statistical analyses. The result was a ten percent improvement in the forecasting. During late l979-1985 he worked in the oil fields of North Dakota and Montana. From there it was back to Nebraska for about three months at the Power Plant, Geneva, Nebraska. At one time he also had his own automotive repair shop at Colorado Springs. specializing in the repair of foreign cars. At this writing, Dec l993, he is at Omaha, Nebr operating his own business--"Environmental Technology".

1-1-2 -Sylvia Ann Fleharty was born 21 Jul 1956 at Hastings. Adams Co., Nebr. She married Gary Walters 2 Jul 1978. Their children:

Christopher Vernon Walters born 25 Oct 1985 at Columbus, Platte Co., Nebraska.

Leslie Marie Walters born 9 Nov 1988 at Columbus, Nebr.

Sylvia was graduated from Hastings High School in 1974 and proceeded to Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebr. where she secured a Bachelor's degree in 1978 that prepared her to teach "Special Education. " She taught in Nebraska at Kearney, North Platte and Columbus.

1-1-3 Edward(12) "Ed" Allen Fleharty was,.born,.15 Apr 1960 at Hastings, Nebr. He married Brenda Hansen 12 Aug 1989 at Hastings. He was graduated from Hastings High School in 1978 and was employed in the Gas Department of the Hastings Utilities.

1-2 Gerald(11) Lee Fleharty, a twin and the second child of Vernon and Winifred Fleharty, was born 1 Aug 1931 in Iowa City, Johnson County. Iowa. He married (1) Virginia Rae Rigihtmire. She was born 10 Feb 1933 at Smithfield, Gosper Co., Nebr. Her parents were Roger and Juanita Rightmire of Smithfield, Nebr. Gerald and Virginia were divorced in 1985. He married (2) Gumercinda "Cindy" Guerra on 15 Mar 1986. She was born 28 May 1938 in El Paso, Texas and had two boys and one girl from a previous marriage. Her maiden name Hernandez is from parents Jesus and Alta Gracia DetaRosa Hernandez.

Gerald and Virginia had three girls born in El Paso, Texas:

l-2-l Jerri Katherine Fleharty was born 24 Jan 1959. She married Clifford Bossie 9 Aug 1980. Their children were Rebeccaand Randi.

1-2-2 Kristin Jean Fleharty was born 6 Feb 1964. She married Ronald Butterf£eld 12 Jul 1988. No Children at this writing, Dec 1993.

3. Melanie Ann was born 1 Jun 1966. She married (1) name unknown and (2) Robert Norris 18 Mar 1989. Their children were Misty (girl) and John.

Gerald's youth years were similar to those of Harold, except that he participated in high school football, gymnastics and track. In his Senior year he received all-state honors in football and third place on the pommel horse at state the same year, 1948-1949. He attended Hastings College Sep 1949-May 1952 where he played football. Then to the University of Nebraska Sep 1952-May 1954 to secure a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in June 1994. He was elected to Sigma Tau, the engineering honor fraternity. Following school he was employed by the Dempster Mill Mfg. Co. until drafted into the Army in May 1955. At Dempsters he worked in engineering design and was listed as "inventor" in a patent issued on a priming pump. Army service began with basic training at Camp Chaffee, Fort Smith, Ark., then to engineering training at Fort Belvoir, Va., followed by eighteen months, Nov 1955-Apr 1957 in Korea which ended in an Honorable discharge. Most of the Korea service was in the laboratory checking petroleum fuels for contamination. After his discharge he chose the opportunity to work at the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) beginning in June 1957. He worked in several organizational elements of the "National Range Operating Directors" finally being assigned as Chief of Data Collection Division. This division operated and maintained all the optics, telemetry, interferometer and radar instrumentation for the WSMR test operations and missile firings. The division consisted of about 180 Federal civilian employees. 220 contract employees and a budget of about $25,000,000 per annum. Clubs or associations in which "Gerry" was a member are: Federal Managers Association (officer four years) Association of the United States Army (President of Southern New Mexico Chapter two years) The American Defense Preparedness and Evaluation Association The International Test and Evaluation Association The White Sands Pioneer's Group (officer two years) Official WSMR representative to the El Paso Chamber of Commerce's Armed Forces Steering Committee for four years. Away from his work, Gerry, during the years 1957-1980 served in the United Methodist Church as Chairman of the Administrative board, the Trustees, and the Men's Club at different times.

1-3 Eugene(ll) "Gene" Dale Fleharty, the third child of Vernon and Winifred Fleharty, was born 16 Oct 1934 at Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., Penn. He married Jo Ann Eckles 12 Aug 1955 at Nelson, Nuckolls Co., Nebr She was born 2? Oct 1933 at Nelson to Dewey Dean and Helen () Eckles. Gene and Jo Ann were the parents of a girl and a boy:

1-3-1 Debra Sue Fleharty was born 2 Aug 1958 at Albuquerque Bernadillo Co, New Mexico. She married Kevin Wright Culley 29 Dec 1979 at Hays. Ellis Co., Kan. He was born 6 May 1956. Their children:

1-3-1-1 Ann Elizabeth Culley was born 6 May 1981 at Hayes, Ellis Co., Kan.

1-3-1-2 John Stewart Culley was born 28 Jun 1982 at Lyons, Rice Co., Kan.

1-3-2 Chris Eugene Fleharty was born 12 Sep 1961 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebr. He married Donna Jean Schumacher 1 Oct 1983 at Hays. Kan. Their children:

1-3-2-1 Penee Lynne Fleharty was born 25 May 1986 at Hays, Kan.

l--3-2-2 Kristen Nicole Fleharty was born 20 Oct 1989 at Hays.

Gene was a small boy when he arrived at Hastings, Nebr. And later was a student in the schools there through high school and into Hastings College where he met and married Jo Ann prior to receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Now here is his own story as written in 1993:

"I have A BA degree from Hastings College in Math and Biology in 1956. An MS degree in Biology from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque in 1958 and a Ph.D. from the same school in 1963. I taught two years at Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln, Nebr.) 1960-1962, and have been at Fort Hays State University since the fall semester of 1962. I am currently a Professor of Zoology. I served as departmental chairman for 11 years (1979-1990). I have Co-authored two books with G. K. Hulled. Both of them were environmental type text books and are now out of print. I'm now working on a book concerning the interactions that took place between the Kansas settlers and the wild animals that they encountered in the years of 1855-1879. Hopefully, I'll finish it by fall of 1994. I also have a couple of other books running around in my mind, but as yet not on paper. I have published over 50 scientific articles mostly on the population dynamics and ecology of small mammals in the prairies near Hays. Two years ago I was selected as the recipient of the President's Scholar award ($1000) and also was awarded the Pilot Award given to the outstanding teacher at the University. I have had nearly 50 graduate students complete their M.S. degree under my direction. About lO-l2 years ago I took up woodcarving. I now specialize in decorative decoy carving. I have entered contests in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and California and have done pretty well. I sell the decoys out of our home and through the Forsberg Art Gallery in Lindsburg, Kansas." (I have seen Gene's carving. They are beautiful in various sizes, but not for a duck-hunter, except in his collection) The loss of one eye by Gene from an arrow when a boy, has been no obstacle to his accomplishments--the author.

1-4 Lynn(ll) Allen Fleharty. the fourth child of Vernon and Winifred Fleharty. was born 4 Dec 1944 at Hastings, Adams Co., Nebr. He married ( -- ) Jacqueline "Jackie" Carpenter in April 1965. She was from Scott City, Kan. They had two sons before divorcing in 1970. He married (2) Janet Lynn Barbour 11 Dec 1971. She was from Denver. They chose to not have children.

The children of Lynn and Jackie:

1-4-I Nilliam Grant Fleharty, born 11 Nov 1965.

1-4-2 Todd Allen Fleharty, born 2 Aug 1970.

The surname of Jackie's second husband was "John" and that became the name of the boys by adoption.

Lynn attended the Hastings' schools through high school. He was on the swim and track teams in high school and on a mile relay team that established a new school record which stood for many years. This sane team won sixth place in the State contest in 1956. After receiving his high school diploma he went to Fort Hays University in Kansas where he registered for college hours while working full tine at a hamburger eating place. He met Jackie at the University. Lynn received his Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education in 1968. Then the small family moved to Greeley, living in their trailer-home while Lynn attended the University of Northern Colorado. He secured a Master of Arts degree in recreation Administration and was working on a second Master's Degree in Special Education when he came home one day to find his clothes piled in the vacant space where the trailer had been. His father-in-law had come in. and was on the way to Scott City, Kan. with Lynn's family.

In the Fall of 1970 he started working at the YMCA in Colorado Springs. In September 1971 he began teaching blind students at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, and helped as coach in wrestling and track. Janet Barbour had been working here since 1970. They were married 11 Dec 1971. In 1983 he took over the Recreation Director's position. In that position he provided evening and weekend programs for the residential students who could not go home. In 1991 his work was modified to include setting and coordinating statewide workshops for the visually impaired or hearing impaired public school students. Responsibilities included providing consulting services to the public school districts of Colorado for physical education and itinerant teachers.

Lynn and Janet traveled to all of the fifty states of the United States and to Europe, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. They ran, bicycled, played basketball and volleyball, but only Janet included soccer. Living in Colorado Springs. they also had a ranch north of Woodland Park, Colo.

l~5 Lyle(ll) Carroll Fleharty, the fifth child of Vernon and Winifred Fleharty, was born 21 Jan 1946 at Hastings, Adams Co.. Nebr. He married (1) Monika Lina Seeg 7 Feb 1969 at Schoptioch, West Germany. She was born 12 May 1951 in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany. They had two children and divorced 20 Nov 1980. He married (2) Diann Kay (Mock) Bunde 24 Nov 1984. By a previous marriage Diann brought her children Daniel Wayne, Robb Dewayne and Melanie Sue to the family.

Lyle attended the Hastings' schools through high school, graduating in 1964. He began working with Jones' Sheet Metal. His work ended when he entered the Army in Feb 1966. He was transported to a station at Crailsheim, Germany in Aug 1966. After three years he was released in Feb 1969, but did not return to the United States until Jul 1969. He was accepted to work at the Hastings Plumbing and Heating company until being appointed in Sep 1989 to the position "Director of the Physical Plant" at Hastings College, where he is at this writing, Dec 1993.

1-6 Max(ll) Vernon Fleharty, the sixth child of Vernon and Winifred Fleharty, was born 3 May 1949 at Hastings, Nebr. He was born with Down's Syndrome, which was soon recognized and treated. He was not quite seven years old when his father died. His mother did a commendable job in fostering a training-work place, titled Hope School, for those with disabilities. Max learned to cook and clean at home, but he liked most to watch television on a set which he had purchased from money that he had earned. In time his mother's health deteriorated and 26 Feb 1988 she was placed in a nursing home. Max continued at home and to work each day, but his brothers decided that he should have less responsibility and moved him to the Elmwood apartments. Hastings. Nebr.

Unexpected events sometimes occur to produce radical change in a person's life. This did happen to Lyle end Diann Fleharty. The story is given by the news releases from the Grand Island (Neb. Daily Independent and the Hastings (Neb. ) Tribune:

From the left, Glen Fleharty holding his son Brooks, Harold Fleharty holding Glen's son Bryce, and Winifred Fleharty